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47b6a1cb-584a-4024-b8a5-ba19a971a61f03ccfafc-c133-40f6-b44f-1fe23e4ed136Fluxuator - The quick, clean, and efficient way to flux pipes03ccfafc-c133-40f6-b44f-1fe23e4ed136.jpg8cfefdf1-0204-45da-966d-c0d3b905d92aad10ba33-c41f-435e-abb9-aafa8a51d9930d7157b5a-cb54-43fc-9e61-e5d7527c1ac18cfefdf1-0204-45da-966d-c0d3b905d92aDefault flux using the traditional brush and tub can be time consuming, especially when you have lots of joints to solder. The Fluxuator’s simple and easy to use design cuts this time right down: getting the job done quicker. With a brush and tub it is easy to get flux where you don’t want it; hands, walls and fixings. The Fluxuator reduces the risk of contact with the flux, making the process cleaner and safer. Unlike a brush and tub the Fluxuator is difficult to contaminate, no more dirty brushes and wasted pots. The Fluxuator helps you to produce the highest quality of work on every job.An award winning tool for plumbers, that makes flux application simpler, cleaner and more efficient. The Fluxuator was created to solve the issues associated with traditional flux application techniques when soldering copper pipe. Copalux self cleaning flux UK WRAS approved Copalux flux (pH7) Minimum flux, Maximum coverage  5/11/2020 9:26:00 PM5/12/2030 9:26:00 PMTrueBuy NowCheck for a Local Stockist    YesClick the screen or press pause<br> to interact with this video. Fluxuator - Our Story   00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000             standardstandardFalse
943eb573-8283-471d-be1b-9a8d1fb9f89704e21222-b021-4637-adaf-a393519b23cePlumberParts04e21222-b021-4637-adaf-a393519b23ce.jpg8cfefdf1-0204-45da-966d-c0d3b905d92aad10ba33-c41f-435e-abb9-aafa8a51d9931d7157b5a-cb54-43fc-9e61-e5d7527c1ac18cfefdf1-0204-45da-966d-c0d3b905d92aDefault you need advice on anything plumbing related, from leaking taps and water pipes to what is the best boiler or shower pump to buy, then lucky've found a pretty powerful plumbing website. FIND ME A PLUMBER Our helpful directory of plumbers will help you find the plumber you need for the job. Each plumber has a full profile of their work; including qualifications, reviews and pictures. So if you’re looking for a plumber pop your postcode in the search box and we’ll do the rest! If you don’t find a plumber in your area, let us know. HOW TO GET IN TOUCH Have a query or want to know more about Find Me A Plumber? Just drop us a line via - Twitter - @plumberparts - Facebook - or complete the short form online and we'll try to be in touch as soon as we can. Alternatively send a letter to 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ Telephone: 01223 894827 **Please do not call this phone number for plumbing advice. If you require advice, please look in the 'Advice' section of the website and the Plumberparts YouTube channel**Here at plumberparts we follow a basic moral code: "honest reviews and advice for free". Click Play on the above video to see my review of the Fluxuator.HEREHERE5/26/2020 3:32:00 PM5/27/2030 3:32:00 PMTrueVisit my Amazon StoreVisit my Website    YesClick the screen or press pause<br> to interact with this video. Fluxuator - Our Story   00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000             standardstandardFalse
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1/1/2040 12:00:00 AM Live Watch the video to see how we took a dream and turned it into reality.

The Fluxuator was invented by Dominic Fowls, a plumber from Essex UK. Sick and tired of the issues encountered daily, there had to be a better way so he set about creating and bringing the product to reality. Watch the video to see how the Fluxuator can benefit you.

We have a patent pending in Canada, Europe and USA, and our UK patent is granted and owned by Dazcom Ltd. (October 2019)
Watch the video to see how we took a dream and turned it into reality.
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