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Peruvian Connection: Fall 2018 Collection

We traveled to Sardinia, Italy for our photoshoot in search of the perfect scenery that would truly capture the beauty of our Fall Collection.

McLaren 720S

In isolation, the McLaren 720S is an exceptional achievement, but as a replacement for the already-excellent 650S it is nothing short of extraordinary – yet another amazing leap for a brand that seems to have come a very long way in a relatively short space of time. Never before has so much speed, quality, refinement and entertainment been available under just one roof. Ferrari’s 488 has company, and how.

Golf At Goodwood - Downs Course

Renowned for its immaculate condition and challenging layout, this beautiful course has hosted golfing greats such as former Golf At Goodwood Ambassador Justin Rose, Ian Poulter, Luke Donald and Colin Montgomerie to name a few. The Downs has recently undergone renovation by leading golf architect Tom Mackenzie to retain the essential character of Braid’s concept while providing a challenge for the modern game for both amateurs and professionals alike.
  • Right message. Right time.

    What you say is important. But when you say it will determine the impact. Your message will fall on deaf ears if your audience is not ready to listen. Deliver exactly what you want to say, when your audience wants it most – after they ask. And because they choose what to see, they get exactly what they want.
  • Engage your audience.

    Capitalize on the emotional impact of Delv Media videos. Because the viewers choose what they want to see and how to interact, the emotional drivers of the decision are very strong. The opportunity to obtain more information and take immediate action enhances the video experience.
  • Complete Control.

    Video is the most powerful method of mass communication, ensuring a consistent message and experience. You now have complete control of the video, the depth of information and action you want your audience to take. And because your information is dynamically served, it is completely updatable.
HTML Video

What is Delv Media?

Delv Media enhances the video viewing experience by providing measurable user engagement and serving a greater depth of information unattainable in traditional video.
Advantage: Video and overlay content are served dynamically, and assembled when the video is paused, making it possible to update content, in real time, from a web-based Content Management System.

Why build it? It’s worth it.

The inspiration for Delv Media came before interacting with video was even a possibility. Mobile phones didn’t have full-screen displays and gesture controls were science fiction.
With the invention of the iPod and Podcasting and increasing popularity of video providers, such as YouTube, it became clear that intrusive advertising would soon overtake the medium.
As a marketing professional I asked myself why internet users should be forced to watch pre-roll or pop-up ads prior to watching the video they requested?
What if you could purchase what you saw in a video? What if you could get additional information without leaving the video?
What if you were in control? What if you could update both the video and the content at any time from any place? What if you didn’t have to leave your current service provider to add functionality? What if you could track the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts?
What if you could do all of these things without changing user behavior or added complexity to the video viewing experience?
Finally, I asked myself if any of this was even possible with the current technology. Unfortunately, the answer was no. There was a choice to make... wait and hope someone would do the right thing or build it.
The endeavor has taken many years and multiple iterations and improvements, but result is worth it.

Try it for yourself!


Getting started.

We want you to look your best. We want to keep your customers engaged. Most of all, we want you to succeed.
We’re here to serve you.
We will build, manage and maintain all of the video content for your brand and other properties as requested.
We will facilitate opportunities for creating connections between marketing silos, social media platforms, commerce, charities, brands and strategic partnerships.
We will provide timely reports on video and direct response panel engagement.
We will provide account services to assure coordinated efforts and to proactively suggest opportunities and program enhancements.
Next steps. The hand-off.
After completion of our initial implementation, we will meet with you and your team to discuss the results and provide strategies for continuing success as well as training and support if you would like to manage your content internally.
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Do more.

Move from simple video to a direct response media experience. Then consider the opportunities that arise when building on that foundation.
Delv Media is just the beginning.
Learn more about add-ons to our management system, revenue opportunities, and execution strategies that will dramatically shape the way you look at video.
Email Marketing
Using video in email increases open rates and conversions.
According to a study from Marketo and Clearfit reported by Vidyard, using video for email messages increases open rates substantially. ClearFit used Marketo’s data to determine effectiveness of emails, and found the emails that used video for a direct call-to-action had a 53% higher click to open rate over emails without an obvious mention of video content.
Other reports have confirmed these findings. Mention video in your subject line and you can expect more people to open your emails. Research from Experian found that open rates rose from 7% to 13% when marketers used the word “video” in the email’s subject line.
53% higher
(Open rate over email without a mention of video)
Display Advertising
There is a secret (or strategy) to converting impressions to clicks and turning clicks into customers. It's the journey.
Videos get clicks.
A recent study by Media Dynamics states that since 1985 a typical adult’s digital media consumption has grown 40% to 9.8 hours per day in 2014. Your audience is online and within reach.
With today’s highly targeted digital advertising, you can focus on the exact audience you want to reach. The key to success is to consider how people respond and engage with content. People want what they want – when they want it. Give them a choice.
With Delv Media videos, you streamline the path from impression to conversion. Discover what your customers want by seeing how they interact with your content.
9.8 hours
(Typical adult’s daily media consumption)
Video Walls
Create and manage custom video portals on mobile, web and social media with our touch-enabled video wall.
If you have 3 or more videos, the Delv Media Video Wall is for you. You can use it to test products and placement scenarios, tailor the criteria for your reports, and make changes to your strategy accordingly.
The beauty is that with every adjustment you make to your strategy, Delv Media enables you to implement your changes immediately and publish those changes to every facet of your player at one time. The possibilities are tremendous.
Capitalize on a neutral site for co-marketing, cross-promotion as well as generating additional value to sponsors and patrons.
For even greater effectiveness, you can go beyond your own website and broaden your market base by partnering with companies whose products are complimentary yours.
This solution may be customized to connect with geography, category selections, filtering, search, cross promotional brands and charities.